VVU School of Business Thesis Repository

The School of Business, Valley View University, believes that student should have an educational experience, which prepares them for service to humankind and preparation for life hereafter. To provide our students such an educational experience we have a carefully designed business curriculum. Our business curriculum aims to provide quality education. We define quality education as a holistic development of the mental, social, physical and spiritual faculty of an individual.

Welcome to Valley View University (VVU), School of Business Studies thesis repository. VVU the premier private University, and the first to receive Presidential Charter. We are unique because we offer holistic education that prepares a person to render meritorious services to God and humanity. VVU subscribes to a philosophy of education that is all-embracing; the harmonious development of the physical, mental and moral/spiritual faculties of a person. We are of the strong view that academic excellence without moral/spiritual excellence is tantamount to parochial training that does not position a person to be of service to God and humanity. It is for such reasons that we emphasize moral/spiritual development as much as we uplift academic excellence.

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